Waldig Civil Construction

Waldig Civil Construction Industrial Landfill


For all your business and industrial needs, including site work to design heights, carparks and driveways, trenching and the supply of quarry products.

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Waldig Civil Construction 16 Tonne Excavator


For all your rural needs, including driveways, tracks, drainage, waste management, rock picking, hole boring, dams, quarry products, tree removal and trenching.

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Waldig Civil Construction Domestic Retaining Walls


For all your domestic needs, including preparation of house sites, construction of driveways, shed pads, retaining walls, sports areas and supply of quarry product.

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Government Work

We've worked for Local Governments and other key public service providers.


We are experienced with clearing land of vegetation in a responsible and lawful way.


Agriculture and industry are the foundation of our economy. We get it.